A new book idea ON THE DRAWING BOARD

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So I’m playing with the idea that my next book will be cartoons only. I think I’ve mentioned this before – I certainly have enough drawings and cartoons and pictures to include in it, it’s just a matter of getting off my flat ass (it is quite flat – my wife rests her beer on it when- never mind).

Here is one of the posts I’m thinking of including. This came from my OLD blog, “Mental Poo.”

Let me know what you think.

A special ‘Clip N Save’ edition of Mental Poo today:



I’ve tried to boil down what I’ve learned in the 10 years I’ve been a parent into TEN STEPS.


joy of parenting

uncertain parent




more disgust childbirth

proud parent

letting go

apathetic parent

messing with them

Sadly, Step #10 (Screwin’ with their heads) is as far as I’ve gotten because that pretty much takes up most of my time.

I swear if lying to your kids for the sake of your own enjoyment was a sin, I would have been struck down YEARSago.

Thankfully, I think that Jesus is still at large..living his life as a hermit in Siberia.

Thank you, Easter Bunny!