Holy shitballs

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Sometimes the sheer power of social media makes me do a double-take. Sometimes I also do a spit-take. Sometimes I also do a double spit-take.

I have to clean up a lot and my neck usually hurts.

I’ve digressed.

Recently, I’ve started posting some memes (you may have seen some here or actually found yourself HERE from one of the memes) on my Facebook Fan Page.

Sometimes they get shared. Sometimes they get liked. Sometimes they die on the vine and I hate everyone for a week but that’s a different therapy session altogether.


I posted the following meme on my Facebook page last week:

The meme that broke the internet almost, maybe, okay it didn't.
The meme that broke the internet almost, maybe, okay it didn’t.


Over the past week, it has been shared over 60,000 times and seen – I shit you not – by 8 MILLION PEOPLE.


I’m completely and utterly flabbergasted by this but, suffice it to say, I’ve struck a nerve with the entire population of the earth, apparently. That nerve simply says ‘kids suck and we should turn this into a vast money-making opportunity.’

If you’re one of the people who has shared and liked the post, I thank you profusely.

If you haven’t, the link to the original meme is here so feel free to help me get this motherf*cker up over 10 Million at which point I think Mark Zuckerberg gives me an honorary plaque or something, I have no idea.

Now if we can get each of these 8 million people to buy one of my books, I’ll be able to afford one of those meme backgrounds that I have to pay for. Man. I can’t imagine what that would get me for traffic.

Thanks, everyone!