My book links have been unscrewed up thank Christ

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A couple of weeks ago it came to my attention that I couldn’t change the pricing of my books and/or start any discount or free promotions because the account they were published under had been fucking suspended because the person(s) in charge of said account used a goddamn black-market Amazon card WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS.

It boggles my tiny little mind.

That being said, the result of all this was that the Kindle versions of my books were totally FUBAR (Furries Underwear Boobs Anal Rodney) and required me to republish them.

So that sucked.

The good news is that all of my books – Kindle AND paperback versions – are back up and all for sale and honestly I still look pretty dashing on my author page.

author page

If you’ve tried to find my books and couldn’t – or clicked on a broken link – please let me know.

In the meantime, if you haven’t bought them – NOW IS THE TIME because their really cheap.

Just GO HERE to get to my Author page and browse around and touch your screen seductively and stuff, probably.

Just don’t use a black market Amazon card because they will shut your shit down. Trust me on this one.