Amazon adds new “Preview” links so cheap people can read my books before they buy them YAY!

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So I usually just blow through my emails because a lot of them are like “Pay off student loans” (I don’t have any because I went to a community college that cost $13.54 a semester) or “Rodney why won’t you return my calls – mom” or other things. If it doesn’t say “Sexy Singles” or has the word “horny” in the subject I’m usually not interested in opening it.

This explains why my computer has 53 viruses on it at any given time.

But then I got one from Amazon that said people could preview my books before they buy them.


This got me thinking because most people don’t check out my books unless I beg them or buy them myself to keep up appearances that they’re selling well. It’s a losing proposition but on the bright side I’ve made quite a bit of coin off of spending on myself.

I suck at math.

Anyway, Amazon now lets YOU preview books for FREE before you buy them. It’s actually really frigging cool so I’m going ahead and posting some preview links for you, in the event you’ve never read any of my crap. This will give you an idea on whether or not you want to buy them (you do) and how many (all of them).

I hope you enjoy the previews. At the end of each preview is a button that will allow you to buy the book, as well as a shareable URL that you can give out to your friends.

FYI, if you’re sharing the URL in an email make sure the subject line says “Sexy Singles” or “Horny Singles” or something, otherwise if they’re like me there’s no way they’re opening it.

Below you’ll find preview links for all three of my books, in order of newest to oldest.