Things I Learned at an Outdoor Rock Festival

Ah. Here we are again, finding ourselves amidst yet another “Things I Learned” post containing mostly things I wish I didn’t know. Maybe these should be named “I Never Learn from Things I’ve Learned” because I seriously keep doing things … Continued

CLOSER. Closer. closer.

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“Romantic as Hell” update! Publisher is 95% through first-round formatting!! I should be getting an updated proof around this weekend for my own revisions/edits/etc. Then it’s back to them for final formatting, including adding in my Tweets and the amazing … Continued

I’m LIVE Mothereffers!

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Welcome to my very first website dedicated to my books!! Take a look, browse around, maybe touch yourself. I don’t know. Do whatever you want as long as kids aren’t around. Stay tuned for my next book, “Romantic as Hell” … Continued