Things I Learned at an Outdoor Rock Festival

Ah. Here we are again, finding ourselves amidst yet another “Things I Learned” post containing mostly things I wish I didn’t know. Maybe these should be named “I Never Learn from Things I’ve Learned” because I seriously keep doing things … Continued

Amazon adds new “Preview” links so cheap people can read my books before they buy them YAY!

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So I usually just blow through my emails because a lot of them are like “Pay off student loans” (I don’t have any because I went to a community college that cost $13.54 a semester) or “Rodney why won’t you … Continued

Soccer? More like SUCKER ammiright? (waits forever for high-five) – Info you Need, from a Reluctant Coach

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I coach my son’s soccer team. I do this primarily because no one else would and also because I enjoy swearing at other people’s children. More for the latter, actually. That being said I have to check in on our … Continued