It’s all about meme

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I’m old.

I don’t know if this is news to you, but I’m at the age where if my wife tells me that my hair is messy I know exactly which one she’s talking about.

[golf clap]

So it shouldn’t surprise you that I have finally figured out wtf a meme is. Keep in mind my kids call my mom “memere” so to me a “meme” was just my mom with a ‘re’ at the end. Obviously this confused me so I never took the time to look at it any further because I hate being confused.

Just like you are right now.

That said someone on Facebook suggested I turn some of my better Tweets into memes, which I’ve done with pretty good success. So, I think this may be a regular feature in here from now on, so feel free to go ahead and PIN any of these or share them at your whim or desire because now I’m tired from typing and can’t do everything myself.

Remember. I’m old.