Hey. Wassup.

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[tapping mic]

Hey. Is this…is this still on?

Hey guys.

I know. It’s been a while. Shit’s been happening to me as I’m sure it’s been happening to you.AH

Here’s the short and dirty:

1) My oldest two are in both in college, one Freshman, one Senior

2) I just celebrated my 8th anniversary to my 2nd wife (so I guess that makes it 16 years idk math is not my strong suit)

3) I’m writing again.

That last one is the biggie.

I’m over on Medium, writing like a mofo.

I have a bunch of new links up, that you can find HERE

I’m hoping you guys have been keeping up with me on Twitter and Facebook. Hit me up on Medium and the other platforms for the full skinny.

Shout out to my man, Mr. Tim Caviness, who – for whatever reason – still hosts this damn site. I miss you, brother.

Hope you’re well.

See you all soon, and thanks for sticking around.