On a serious note – my first attempt at dramatic writing

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A while ago I wrote a series of 4 short chapters based on some crazy shit that happened to me decades ago.

I’ve decided, in my infinite wisdom, to publish these on Amazon as a short-read book.

“The Sins of the Father” is available right now on Amazon for just 99 cents.

At just 38 pages, you can probably read the whole damn thing in under an hour.

I can tell you, right now, that the material is probably not funny in the least. When you realize that the basis of the story stems from my own personal experiences, you’ll see why.

I’m curious as to what you think so, if you happen to purchase a copy, leave me a review.

Here are the reviews I have received so far and there’s no way I’m going to complain about them. 🙂

"Sins of the Father" Amazon reviews.
“Sins of the Father” Amazon reviews.

Thanks, guys.

Get your kindle copy of The Sins of the Father here.