But Did You Die?

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If you enjoy reading humor (which is why I assume you’re here – although I use the term ‘humor’ loosely when referencing myself because according to my wife I’m the only one who finds myself funny), then you know the genius of Jen Mann.

Jen is one of the funniest authors alive and is famous for her “People I Want to Punch in the Throat” series of books.

So, many months ago I was approached to partake in Jen’s latest venture – an anthology of stories about parenting.

You normally don’t have to ask me twice unless you’re married to me because I wasn’t listening the first time, so OF COURSE I SAID YES.

The book released on June 11th.

It’s called But Did You Die – Setting the Parenting Bar Low and is AMAZINGLY AWESOME. It’s part of Jen’s OTHER series, “I Just Want to Pee Alone” which is based around the pitfalls of having kids because, as we all know, kids ruin everything.

My story in the book is called “The Terrible T.E.E.N.S (Terrible, Evil, Exasperating, Narcissistic Spawn)” and is, well, about raising teens.

Go grab a copy and leave a review!

You can get a copy right from my author page so feel free to pick up the rest of my books while you’re there.


OH! Don’t forget to tune your Sirus XM Radio to The Jenny McCarthy show on June 15th – I WILL BE THERE TALKING ABOUT “THE VASECTOMY DIARIES” and also how much Jenny wants me, probably.