Getting Dirty, Sexy and Funny on The Jenny McCarthy Show

It’s all over. At 10:20 AM on Thursday, June 15th (which happens to be my wife’s birthday SHOUT OUT TO MY HOT WIFE HEYOOOOOOO), I called into The Jenny McCarthy Show on SIRIUS XM Radio to talk about The Vasectomy … Continued

But Did You Die?

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If you enjoy reading humor (which is why I assume you’re here – although I use the term ‘humor’ loosely when referencing myself because according to my wife I’m the only one who finds myself funny), then you know the … Continued

Run out and get SIRIUS XM RADIO right now because omgomgomgomg

OHMYGOD I AM SO SORRY. I apologize for not posting here in a very long time. I’ve been having issues with the site that I’m pretty sure have something to do with the software it’s running on. As a side … Continued